Worldwide CardioDiabetes is a subdivision of the Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education (Worldwide Diabetes), born from the need to fill the gap between diabetes and cardiovascular diseases through new scientific and clinical research and real-world data. The imminent risk and role that diabetes plays in cardiovascular health is evidenced by new scientific research.

Worldwide CardioDiabetes aims to educate health care professionals on the interrelationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Educational programs focus on:

  • The impact and risk of diabetes in cardiovascular diseases
  • The impact of cardiovascular diseases in patients with diabetes and other endocrine disorders
  • Therapeutic approaches to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases related to diabetes
  • New scientific data related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Worldwide CardioDiabetes partners with societies, non-profit and for profit organizations alike and the large majority of our programs are made possible through unrestricted educational grants.