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August 26-28, 2020

Brisbane, Australia

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CME Webinar in Spanish…

During the American Diabetes Association’s 80th Scientific Sessions, a virtual experience from June 12-16, 2020, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education jointly sponsored a CME webinar in Spanish for Spanish-speaking attendees, “Estrategias del Siglo XXI para Reducir el Riesgo de Hipoglucemia con Terapia de Insulina.” This webinar is now available on demand for viewing at your convenience.

By clicking below, you can register and view this free program, download the slide content, and subsequently receive CME credits upon successful completion of the evaluation documents.


Pei Lin Chan, MBBS (IMU), MRCP (UK)

As COVID-19 continues to challenge the global community, large health care conferences have shifted from live conferences to virtual programming. Dr. Pei Lin Chan focuses this month’s column on news from the American Diabetes Association’s recent virtual Scientific Sessions. She touches on impactful news from this four-day event that relates to latest advances in the treatment of diabetes. Please take a moment to read her column and check back here monthly for her continuing editorial contributions.

Click here to read the column.

La Universidad de Miami y Worldwide Diabetes le invitan a participar en el XXII Davidson-Mestman Curso Intensivo, diseñado para profesionales de la salud. El objetivo principal de este curso es presentar los últimos avances en el tratamiento y diagnóstico de la diabetes y enfermedades endocrinas y metabólicas.

Para pre-inscribirse en el XXII Davidson-Mestman Curso Intensivo por favor de click en la imagen del programa. Le estaremos enviando más detalles en los próximos meses.


As we now understand that there is a strong correlation between cardiovascular complications and diabetes, we have expanded our mission to include cardiovascular and renal disease. To that end, we have created a specialized subgroup within Worldwide Diabetes, named “Worldwide CardioDiabetes.” Led by a world-renowned Board of Directors, our first initiative was an international congress in partnership with the Sociedad Mexicana de Nutrición y Endocrinología, September 27-28, 2019, in Guadalajara, Mexico. The two-day course included 20 international and national speakers and was attended by 250 health care professionals. A 2020 international congress is currently being planned.

Click here to visit the Worldwide CardioDiabetes webpage, where you can learn more information about its mission, Board of Directors, and important resources.


This interactive video program will inform you on new treatment options for type 2 diabetes that promote long-term glycemic control with lower hypoglycemia risk as well as low risk for cardiovascular events. It features prominent experts in the field of diabetes and cardiology.

Click here to view the program.

Haga clic aquí para la versión en Español.

2021 Fellow Scholarship Applications Available

For the second year, Worldwide Diabetes will award a scholarship to a young endocrine fellow practicing in a developing country to attend the 81st Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association in 2021 and work with the foundation as an editorial contributor. Full details and the scholarship application can be accessed here.