Letter From The President

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the website of the Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education (Worldwide Diabetes).

As our foundation continues to grow and expand to different markets, we have expanded our Board of Directors to include opinion leaders from these markets. Our dedicated Board of Directors, all renowned members in the diabetes community, along with our well-respected members of the Advisory Board, have allowed us to become a world-recognized provider of physician education on diabetes management.

Since our inception, Worldwide Diabetes has provided targeted education to healthcare providers, including symposia, training, and web consults around the globe. We have come to better understand the educational needs on every continent and we ensure that every program carefully considers the regional diabetes landscape. Through a variety of educational platforms, we impart knowledge and information to physicians and healthcare providers that may otherwise not have access to the latest research, treatment options and guidelines.

As you may already know, The Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education (Worldwide Diabetes) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes throughout the world by empowering healthcare professionals with training, education, and information on diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The aim of Worldwide Diabetes is to help shape the future of diabetes by educating healthcare professionals in the prevention, early detection, and management of diabetes in order to provide optimal care.

Worldwide Diabetes is committed to providing objective, evidence-based medicine through best educational practices and I look forward to collaborating with you to expand our programs even further in the global diabetes community.

Should you wish to learn more about Worldwide Diabetes, please contact our Executive Director, Jane Savio, via phone at 212-203-3136 or email at [email protected].

Again, on behalf of Worldwide Diabetes, thank you for visiting us today and please check back with us as we plan to provide web-based programs through our site in the coming months.

Best regards,

Jean Claude Mbanya, MD, PhD, FRCP (UK)