1) Quality of the Event

Was this activity useful for your professional development?
If this activity was not useful, please explain why:

What was your overall impression of this event?



What was the best aspect of this event?

What was the worst aspect of this event?

2) Relevance of the Event

Did the event fulfill your educational goals and expected learning outcomes?

Was the information presented well balanced and consistently supported by a valid scientific evidence base?

How useful was each session to you?

Meet the Experts Session

Diabetes: The 21st Century Epidemic
Andrew Boulton, MD

Epidemiology, Classification and Diagnosis of DPN: Gold Standards
Andrew J.M. Boulton, MD

Can We Modify the Natural History and Disease Progression of DPN?
Rodica Pop-Busui, MD

A Precise Understanding of the Pathophysiology of DPN
Rayaz Malik, MB ChB, PhD

Regional Perspectives on the Treatment of DPN
Dominique Ballaux, MD
Wout Van Oosterwyck, MD
Abdullah Nazal, MD
Yeoree Yang, MD

Current Strategies in the Symptomatic Treatment of DPN
Solomon Tesfaye, MD ChB, MD, FRCP

WORKSHOP 1: Epidemiology, Classification and Diagnosis of DPN; Natural History of Disease Progression

WORKSHOP 2: Pathophysiology of DPN

WORKSHOP 3: Symptomatic Treatment of DPN

Panel Discussion

3) Suitability of Formats Used During the Event

Was there adequate time available for discussions, questions and answers and learner engagement?

Can you comment on any innovative elements of the activity?

4) Ways the Event Affects Your Clinical Practice

Will the information learned be implemented in your practice?

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