Dr. Chan is presently completing her third year of training in Endocrinology in the Malaysian Endocrine Subspecialty Fellowship program at Putrajaya Hospital in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Prior to beginning her fellowship, she was a physician at Sarawak General Hospital and Kapit Hospital, Malaysia. Dr. Chan earned her degree in medicine and surgery at the International Medical University in Malaysia in 2008. She became a member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP) of the United Kingdom in 2013.

Dr. Chan’s interest in diabetes education and awareness is reflected in her many academic and research activities. She has been a sub-investigator for EXSCEL, a study of cardiovascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes after treatment with once-weekly Exenatide; and for PIONEER-6, a trial that investigated the cardiovascular safety of oral semaglutide in patients with type 2 diabetes. Dr. Chan is currently working with colleagues at Penang General Hospital to study the prevalence of cardiac autonomic neuropathy among Type 1 diabetes mellitus patients.  She is a member of the Malaysian Endocrine and Metabolic Society and The Endocrine Society.

Following the completion of her fellowship in Putrajaya, Dr. Chan will assume a position at a district hospital in Borneo, East Malaysia, an institution that delivers care to a population with limited access to endocrinology services. In addition to continuing her research on diabetes-related issues, she plans to set up a diabetes center to educate both health care providers and patients, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. As the first recipient of the Worldwide Initiative Diabetes Education Fellow Scholarship, Dr. Chan will be attending the 79th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association in San Francisco in 2019. She will also be an ongoing editorial contributor to the Worldwide Diabetes website for a period of one year.

“I am honored to be the recipient of this scholarship which will serve as an impetus for me to further my knowledge on the advances in the therapeutics and management of diabetes. I hope to translate this into clinical practice to assist patients achieve their health goals. This award will also enable me to fund future research and stimulate my personal growth as a clinical researcher. Thank you, Worldwide Diabetes, for this valuable opportunity.”

Pei Lin Chan, MBBS (IMU), MRCP (UK)